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Animated/video version of a user's test session#27


I’d like to see not only heatmaps to represent a user’s thinking process, because this gives no indication of sequence… instead it would be great if you could see an animation of the cricical decisions a user makes (not sure how to define a decision as being critical, but maybe use heatmap data) or a video of the entire user sessions (pro/paid feature?).

2 years ago

Video recording of a tester’s session would be great, OR mouse movement tracking and clicks (like HotJar does). It would provide more context for how users are interacting with a page, and what elements they’re focusing on.

a year ago

I’m curious Maze, if you think this will ever come? I guess this feature completely changes your product, since it probably requires more of you in terms of GDPR and the testers to actually want to record themselves? And many other test platforms already do this..

a year ago

Video/screen recordings would be huge for me and my team. A blog post mentioned that Session Replay is on the roadmap. Any update on timeline for that feature?

7 months ago

Please do this! Something in the lines of what Marvel Testing has done. It would perfectly complement your current feature set. You still have testing data at scale but can deep dive when needed in the experience of “extreme” users.

12 days ago