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Ability to edit a prototype even after it's live#196


I think it’s important for designers to be able to adjust / iterate on a prototype test on the fly in response to early customer feedback.

For instance, one such Maze link that we recently sent to customers had a high bounce rate, and we realized that we needed to make some adjustments to both the mission prompt and the prototype itself to address this issue. It’s both cumbersome and annoying to have to duplicate the prototype and re-send out testing links to our customers; it’s also, quite frankly, not a good look.

Instead, I’d like to be able to just edit the existing live prototype and make adjustments to the prompt and to the flows as needed. That means that the updated prototype would still be accessible via the same link that we had originally sent out to our customers. This way, any remaining customers who decide to access the prototype at a later time to test it will be testing the updated version of it without all of the kinks.

I understand that this request would have implications on the resulting generated report. But honestly, I’d rather you just generate a separate report per each updated version of the prototype instead of forcing designers to create brand new links to make minute adjustments.

3 months ago