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Allow participants to reveal "Hints" for missions#191


If a participant cannot complete the task, they have the option to view a hint before they can completely give up on the mission. The option to give up is not available until the user reveals the hint.

3 months ago

Hello, thanks for your feedback. Can you expand on why you would need to provide hints to a tester please?

Our thoughts are that if a tester does not know how to complete a mission, we give you the data to back that up and the data should indicate to the test creator that the UX/design needs amending.

Giving hints to a tester only encourages them to complete a test but in the real world, you’re not given hints like this to use an app or a website.

3 months ago
Changed the status to
Will Not Implement
3 months ago

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes, if a user can’t complete a task on their own, it is indicating a problem. I think it’s indicating an even more severe problem if someone can’t complete a task with help, and that distinction between the two is useful.

And in the real world, there is actually the help desk and colleagues who may know the system better. Users who are able to get a hint from a colleague and then successfully complete a task would not have to call the help desk, and we are trying to reduce help desk time.

3 months ago

Being able to give hints also simulates what we do in moderated usability testing when a participant can’t complete a task on their own - and we have a scoring system based on “completed the task independently” / “completed the task with time” / “completed the task with help” / “could not complete the task, even with help”

3 months ago