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Improve how users see instructions for maze#12

Right clicking is easy for users to do. In the middle of a test, the most common questions that I get is, wait how do i see those instructions again? Wait what am I supposed to do again?

a year ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago

It’s not as intuitive when on a tablet.

Perhaps the instructions can always be there with an option to hide. Once the users know they can hide it, they’ll know where to go to have it show again and it can be done in different divices. Think of WebEx, but less (a lot less) intrusive.

5 months ago

An Indication on the Missions would be nice as well to show the user yest this was done and completed

Jeandre Geldenhuys
a month ago

During our tests the informational screen that describes how “right click” can be used, was unexpected surprised our testers. The “right click” screen was shown after 2x context screens that all had a “continue” button as the CTA. The user was confused as to what action to take on the “right click” screen. The screen described a the function of a “right click” action, but the CTA was a “continue” button. The user was not sure if they should “right click” or click the continue button… it was painful to watch.

5 days ago